The Greater Manchester Student Chapter Launch Event

The Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester launched their new Cyber Student Chapter on October 20th, this event is the start of a series of regular group meetings for any student studying cybersecurity in Greater Manchester.

“A strong community is essential to any industry growth, and in cybersecurity, there is a lack of such community in cybersecurity. Here at Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester, we are trying to bridge this gap using our connections with the universities in the north-west and known cybersecurity speakers in the industry. This event was a start to forming a community where like-minded people meet up and share their knowledge and ultimately contribute to the industry growth.“ -MJ of The Cyber Resilience Centre and Head of the Greater Manchester Student Chapter

Students from universities across the north-west came together in a 2-hour online event. It gave them a chance to meet their peers from other universities and hear from senior experts in the industry.

This Student Chapter event saw Richard Lush and Jim Baldwin share their experiences with over 100 students. Ben Spring of TryHackMe, a cybersecurity learning platform, also provided students with a teaser of our capture the flag event which will be launched in 2021.

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Cyber Awareness Training: Don’t Forget The Essentials!
Feb 01, 12:00 PM
Zoom Webinar


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