Who are the Cyber Security Specialists?

Based in Manchester, Cyber Security Specialists are an independent Cyber Security Consultancy with a mission to provide cost-effective and jargon-free Cyber Security services. They work across a wide range of markets, from multinational Corporate Organisations and Government Agencies, through to smaller businesses that want to develop security strategies to support their business growth and reduce their risk of being subject to a successful cyber-attack.

Lockdown and COVID have changed the way that Cyber Security Specialists are working, with consultants now working from home, making their office a quieter place - but their headsets and webcams are now twice as busy. 'We have seen an increase in demand for Cyber Essentials Plus certification, Security Awareness training and Penetration testing since COVID.'

Cyber Security Specialists is also an IASME accredited Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification body. The Cyber Resilience Centre (CRC) is incredibly proud to work with Cyber Security Specialists through our Trusted Partners group.

Cyber Security Specialists were motivated to join the Trusted Partners group 'We understand the challenges that Businesses in Greater Manchester face around cybersecurity, privacy and fraud. With the evolution of the digital era, organisations are doing more and more business online, and more employees are working remotely, which can increase the risks of becoming subject to a successful cyber-attack.

We are big believers in the positive impact Cyber Essentials Plus can have on organisations and we joined the Cyber Resilience Centre to help encourage its uptake within Greater Manchester.'

Cyber Essentials is an important part of improving your cybersecurity defences, it's cost-effective and helps to reduce the risk of companies being subjected to a cyber-attack or data breach. 'We believe that SME’s should prioritise Cyber Security Awareness training, covering topics such as phishing attacks, using public WIFI, updating software and the importance of using strong passwords and multi-factor authentication. Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification only last for 1 year. Don't forget that SME’s need to renew this certification annually.'

We asked Cyber Security Specialists; What the biggest myth they've heard about Cyber Security?

'The biggest myth is that ‘I don’t have anything worth protecting’. But your data is worth thousands to marketing companies and can be used by hackers to launch more sophisticated attacks to try and obtain your bank details and login details to Netflix, Amazon and more!

For more information about Cyber Security Specialists and their fantastic services, visit their website.

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