What Predictions Can We Make For 2021?

With 2020 now behind us, what predictions can we make for Greater Manchester in 2021? The following predictions provide insights into how our network think Greater Manchester will evolve in 2021 and what people are looking forward to in 2021!

How do you think Greater Manchester will change for the better in 2021?

We believe Greater Manchester will thrive in 2021, after years of investment and planning. After a year of working from home, employers have found that travelling into London is not essential, and other cities like Manchester now have the opportunity to attract even more employees who would rather be located in the north.

Director of Jovasi Technology, Huw Vaughan Jones

Will we adopt a Hybrid Working Model?

We will slowly start to return back to the city when more people are vaccinated. I expect the majority of businesses to operate a hybrid working model.

Cyber Security Compliance Consultant of CyberSecuritiesUK, Rory Breen

Can we all Appreciate the Little Things?

We are going to appreciate the little things meeting a friend for a coffee or at the pub, and able to hug each other.

Cyber Security Consultant at Cyfor, Raj Kundalia

Will the daily commute be reduced in 2021?

We are hoping it becomes less polluted (with improved air quality) with more of us working from home and reducing our daily commute into Manchester.

Marketing Manager at Linten Technologies, Stephanie Lynch-Ozanar

Working at Home is just as Productive as the Office?

I think that in 2021 a change for the better will be that most people will commute less, having realised that for many working at home is just as productive (or more so), and that there will be less strain on roads and transport, and it will be better for the environment too.

Chief Information Security Officer of Irwin Mitchell, Graham Thomson - Founding Partner of CRCGM

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

I’m most looking forward to getting back to enjoying the food and entertainment that Manchester has to offer, the world-class theatre shows, the huge variety of restaurants, and also meeting people face to face again.

Chief Information Security Officer of Irwin Mitchell, Graham Thomson

Growing My Business

I'm looking forward to continuing to grow my business and help customers combat increasing cyber threats.

Cyber Security Compliance Consultant of CyberSecuritiesUK, Rory Breen

A Return to Normality?

We are looking forward to a return to normality (well, sort of)? 2020 has been difficult for a lot of companies, with events cancelled, contracts delayed or cancelled and sources of income decreasing. Like a lot of small companies, we are hoping that 2021 brings a bit more luck.

Director of Jovasi Technology, Huw Vaughan Jones

Pre-Cyber Essentials Review

At IASME in 2021, we will be launching a free advice tool to help small businesses get started with cybersecurity. Many companies, especially those who consider themselves, non-technical, find cybersecurity overwhelming and complicated and do not know where to start.

With that in mind, IASME has created a pre-Cyber Essentials review that allows businesses to discover where they are placed in their cyber journey concerning where they need to be. This online tool is accessible and educational and generates a detailed action list to aid you by the end of the review.

Chief Operations Officer at the IASME Consortium, Chris Pinder

Normality Returning

I am looking forward to things getting back to normal, so we can finally meet people face to face, and some kind of normality returning.

Cyber Security Consultant at Cyfor, Raj Kundalia

Personal and Work Goals

For me, it is achieving some personal and work goals.

Marketing Manager at Linten Technologies, Stephanie Lynch-Ozanar

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