Meet the Protos Networks team!

Meet the Protos Networks team! They are cybersecurity and networks specialists. They offer a range of services such as Internal/External Penetration Testing, Network Design, Cloud Security and Security Information and Event Management (SEIM). Protos Networks is also an IASME accredited Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification body. The Cyber Resilience Centre (CRC) is incredibly proud to work with Protos Network through the Trusted Partner group.

Protos Networks work with businesses across a number of sectors including education, retail, not-for-profit and government services. They actively encourage businesses to complete the Cyber Essentials certification to help them prevent cyber-attacks. This certification identifies areas where cybersecurity can be improved. Damien Sansom says ‘we have seen a rise in supplier contracts that require Cyber Essentials in order to tender. Therefore, not only is it a good investment to defend against cybercrime, but also to show suppliers and customers you take online security seriously.’

With the rise in remote working, the Protos Networks team have seen an increase in endpoint attacks. Cybercriminals have been utilising pandemic-theme malware to take advantage of employees who are now using their unsecured devices to connect to company cloud resources and information. The Protos Networks team have been working with businesses to raise awareness of this via webinars. These webinars highlight best practices to increase network visibility, secure endpoints and cloud infrastructures, notably Microsoft 365. They have also provided free trials of Cisco technology so businesses can understand these security solutions.

When we asked Damien why Protos Networks was a member of the Trusted Partner group he replied:

‘‘Businesses are now more likely to become a victim of cybercrime than any other offence, however, it is still common practice that businesses actively look to protect themselves by investing against the later with items like insurances, alarms and door access systems however businesses should be proactive in their defence rather than react to crimes, especially when it comes to cybercrime. The Trusted Partner group work with the CRC to support the active uptake of Cyber Essentials to change this behaviour.’’

Cybersecurity is at the heart of everything Protos Networks does. For more information about Cyber Essentials and their fantastic services, visit their website.

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